Frequently Asked Questions About Our Landscape Design Services

  1. What is Earth Graphics?
    Earth Graphics is an extremely unique residential landscape design company. We are a Same-Day, Mobile landscape design service. Our designers bring their offices to you! We meet customer at their sites, brainstorm ideas, create and present our landscape plans the same day! We have perfected our design service into one that is quick and efficient, yet still creative and totally custom!
  2. How could a Landscape Design benefit me?
    Our custom designs add elements of enjoyment, security, use-ability and beauty to sites, as well as enhance the value and increase the investment of homes. Most homeowners are not artists, therefore our designers put an artistic and functional eye on our clients’ sites. In addition, our plans help homeowners avoid making costly mistakes during landscape installation and new construction projects. As professional designers, our customers hire us for more than a just a ‘pretty’ design. They hire us for our ability to provide function and aesthetics in a plan while keeping a budget in mind. Your good ideas, bounced off an experienced designer and blended together into a good plan, is absolutely the best prescription for a Great Landscape!
  3. What is a Digital Image?
    After landscape planning, the next step in our process is to produce a digital image. This is a computer rendered, color picture based on the drawn blueprint, showing what the landscape could look like once installed and at a matured state. Typically, the designers will show the ‘before’ image, enhanced in an ‘after’ image with all the landscape elements in place.
  4. How do I know if I need a Landscape Architect or a Landscape Designer?
    Landscape garden designs may be created by either a Landscape Architect or a Landscape Designer. Landscape Architects traditionally are involved with large construction projects, commercial designs and specifications, and deal with a greater level of detail to meet required codes on certain sites. On the other hand, most residential Landscape Designers do not work within this level of architectural detail. Registered Landscape Architects have passed rigorous State Boards to be certified and be able to advertise as Landscape Architects. Landscape Designers traditionally are credentialed through schooling, work experience, and an internal creative talent. Each Earth Graphics Landscape Designer has gone through an additional training process to qualify as a competent and able design professional. Most residential sites will require a Landscape Designers level of detail. However, Earth Graphics design services employ both Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers. Please contact us for more details.
  5. Couldn’t I purchase software that will do what I will pay your company to do?
    Designs involve several very complicated variables—plant micro-climates, drainage, soil types, individual plant requirements, elevations, traffic flow, water requirements, amenities, etc. Garden design software will not take into account these variables that a Landscape Designers experience and know-how would accomplish. We have had clients spend thousands of dollars on plants after using a software package, only to realize that they had made serious mistakes.
  6. What is a site plan and do I really need one?
    Site planning is different from landscape planning in that it addresses the initial placement and orientation of a house, driveways, patios, walks, etc. on an undeveloped project site. Proper site planning sets the table for successful landscape planning and can save a homeowner from making costly construction and landscape mistakes. See our Worksheets for more helpful tips.
  7. Why should I pay for a landscape design when I can get a free sketch from a garden center or my personal landscape contractor?
    In a word – “AGENDA”. We all know that nothing is really free! A garden center wants to sell plants. A contractor typically designs what he’s good at installing. These are examples of agendas. We are different at Earth Graphics. Our agenda is YOU! We want the plan to meet your needs and budget, and show off the best your site has to offer. Our final plan gives you the ability to price out the project in an “apples-to-apples” fashion, comparing contractors and in the long run, saving you MONEY!
  8. How is an Earth Graphics appointment set up? Do I need to be there the whole time?
    Since Earth Graphics is a same-day design service, our designers bring their office to you and will remain on site until the plan is completed. Typically, our appointments will start first thing in the morning or at lunch time, so we do not interrupt too much of our clients’ day. There is a set amount of time for a consultation or a brainstorming session (see our Worksheets) and our clients are free to go on with their day after that. Again, our designers remain on site until a designated time later in the afternoon for a plan review or wrap-up with the client. We recommend and encourage all decision makers in the landscape project be involved in the brainstorming sheet, the initial consultation, and if possible, the final plan review.
  9. What is the best time of year to get a landscape design drawn?
    Earth Graphics designers can draw all throughout the year, as weather permits. Our busiest seasons are obviously Spring first and then Fall. Winter is our slowest season, but for spring installations, this is the best time to plan. And in doing so, you’ll get a jump on your project and avoid spring schedule delays!
  10. Will I have to wait 4 weeks or more to get my landscape design?
    With Earth Graphics being a same-day service, you will be able to see your finish design and image the same day as your appointment. Our designers will finalize the process by submitting your completed plan in a pdf file, making blueprints copies and sending them directly to you.