Landscape Design Services – Our Design Process

A great landscape project doesn’t happen by accident. Client input, good conversation with an experienced designer, and an on-site process that takes into account all variables is key to success. We have spent more than 20 years perfecting this process to insure our clients receive the most suitable landscape plan in the shortest amount of time.

Our clients should prepare for this first on-site meeting by thoughtfully filling out an appropriate Brainstorming Worksheet which is key to defining the plan parameters and insuring a successful project. Below is a synopsis of this same-day design process:

Brainstorm Ideas

Meet with an experienced landscape designer on your new or existing site. The designer will listen to your goals and ideas. We will review your brainstorming worksheet and walk the site to formulate how your concepts fit together.

Site Survey

(Client is free to leave the site at this point). The designer will take your survey plat (if available), measure existing elements, and consider elevations, micro-climates and drainage dynamics.

Plan Development

From the mobile studio, the designer will develop a scaled landscape plan reflecting your brainstorming session and adapted to the site conditions.  This becomes the key document for implementing your project.

Digital Imaging

As time permits, the designer will develop one or more color digital renderings to reflect your new landscape, hardscape, or construction project.

Plan and Image Review

That same day you and your designer will review the plans and images, and discuss the next steps involved with executing your project.